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455 Oldsmobile

Big Or Small We Can Do Them All
475 Horse Power

Oldsmobile 455 with 475 HP with Edelbrock aluminum heads. This engine combination can be custom designed to your specific needs. All engines can be custom painted to match your vehicle at your request. We can outfit your engine with the exclusive March Performance serpentine belt system.  We can also assist you in choosing the proper transmission and stall speed converter combination for your vehicle and have it shipped directly to you as your performance crate engine is being built. If you would like us to build you a 350 small block or have something  else in mind we can defiantly accommodate your needs.

455 475HP Engine Live Run

- 455 2 Bolt Main Block (Painted Color Of Choice) Z
- A Precession Ground Micro Polished Crankshaft  Assembled W/Tri Metal Clevite 77 Rod And Main Bearings
- Set Of Shot Peened Stress Relived  I-Beam Connecting Rods W/ARP Rod Bolts
- New Set Of High Performance Pistons
- Assembled With A Set Of Hand Filed Performance Rings
- New Three Piece True Double Roller Timing Set
- Hand Selected Performance Camshaft To Achieve The Idle & Throttle Response To Customers Desire
- (16)  High Rev Lifters (Anti-Pump up)
- A Set Of Edelbrock Performer RPM Oldsmobile Aluminum Cylinder Heads
- A Set Of (8) 2.072 Intake Valves
- A Set Of (8) 1.680 Exhaust Valves
- A Set Of 7/16 Screw In Studs And Guide Plates
- New Set Of (16) Chrome Moly Push Rods
- New Set Of (16) New Performance True Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms
- Engine Will Be Assembled With All New Bolts
- High Volume Oil Pump And Screen
- New Chrome Oil Pan
- New Chrome Dip Stick And Tube
- New Timing Cover
- Professional Products Performance Balancer
- The Complete Rotating Assembly Will Be Balanced
- Edelbrock Aluminum Performance Intake Manifold ( Different Intake Manifolds Can Be Used At Customers Request.
- New Chrome Thermostat Housing
- Edelbrock Carburetor W/ Electric Choke (Upgrade To A Holley Or Demon For $300)
- New Chrome Air Cleaner
- MSD Pro-Billet Ready To Run Distributor
- MSD Blaster II Coil And Bracket
- (8) AC Delco Spark Plugs
- A Set Of Custom Fit Taylor 8mm Ignition Wires (Color Of Choice Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange No Extra Charge)

- New Fuel Pump
- New Fuel Line And Inline Filter
- New High Flow Cast Iron Water Pump
- New Set Of Chrome Valve Covers
- New Chrome Breather
-A Complete PCV Ventilation System
- Fel-Pro Performance Gaskets
- All engines will come with starter and flex plate (for auto transmission), additional $200 for manual transmissions.
- Engines are photo documented during the building process so you can see the quality of parts and workmanship that goes into your engine.
- Each engine is live run tested, timing set, and carburetor adjusted for optimum performance
We video tape your live run engine, and send you a copy

Turn-Key Drop In Ready

Only $10,825



Customize Your Crate Engine


- Mass-Flow EFI Custom Intake Manifold
- 4 Valve 1000cfm Throttle Body
- 8 Fuel Injectors
- Fuel Rails
- Mass Air Flow Sensor
- Pre-Tuned ECM
- Wiring Harness
- All Sensors Required To
Make System Work

Add $3,995

- Polished Oil Pan
- Polished Ball Milled Valve Covers
- Polished Edelbrock Cylinder Heads
- Polished Edelbrock Intake Manifold
- Polished Billet Ball Milled Wire Looms
- Edelbrock Endura Shine Carburetor
- Polished Air Cleaner

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While it may be hard to believe in today's era of corporate engines, each GM division, at least through the mid-70s, had their own unique design. The Olds was also arguably the first of what later became known as the "muscle car." It all started with SV 49, an experimental short-stroke, high-compression V-8. A new 304-cid engine introduced in 1949 as the "Rocket V-8" and the “Rocket Era” begins. With that engine Oldsmobile quickly became the undisputed king of the stock car circuit.

The Sixties was all about horsepower and performance with the introduction of the 394-cid over head valve V-8 that produced 315 horsepower. Followed by the 400-cid V-8s that made there debut in the Cutlass 4-4-2. In 1968 the legendary 455-cid V-8 producing 365 horsepower came to life and is sought after today by Oldsmobile enthusiasts.  Oldsmobile 307 was produced from 1980-1990 and the 350 was produced from 1968 thru 1980. The Oldsmobile 350 is an entirely different engine then the famous Chevy 350.  

            Today with the vast array of performance parts available we can turn your Oldsmobile from a mild 300 horse power grocery getter to a wild tire smoking 475 horse power animal.

If you are restoring your early Oldsmobile we can upgrade the horse power and still keep it looking original. Please call us for details.

          Here at Pro-formance Unlimited we are here to help design and build the combination that best suits your vehicles needs. Please browse our Oldsmobile crate engine combinations listed below or custom design one of your own. Pro-formance Unlimited is best known for our precision custom designs. If you would like us to custom build a crate performance engine or one of our turn-key drop in ready crate engines, call Doug or Steve we will be happy to answer any of your questions.